Squishy Human Body - Check your Vitals!


Explore the human body by removing squishy organs - fascinating.

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Explore the complex inner workings of the human body and the vital organs inside.

This superb 12" high model of a human skeleton has removable squishy organs. Use the set of forceps and tweezers to remove twelve different bones and muscles as well as nine vital organs. Find out what makes you tick with the brilliant colour guide as you literally see how the human body works with representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems. How truly fascinating is your body?

Squishy Human Body Front
Squishy Human Body Box

Why They'll love it

  • See how humans work from the inside
  • Realistic organs to remove and study
  • Good training for a degree in anatomy

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 8+
  • Box Size: 34cm x 26cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 590g
Beautifully packaged... worth the extra for wrapping. Grandson was delighted.

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