Frequently Asked Questions

What to get a teenage girl for Christmas?

Teenage girls are into technology and the latest trends. They enjoy trying fun gadgets, creative sets and are guaranteed to like gifts that can be personalised.

What to get your best friend for Christmas who's a teenage girl?

Treat your best friend to a truly scrumptious Mug Cake Gift Set where they can have Cookies, Brownies & Sticky Toffee cakes baked in a Mug in 60 seconds! Or check out the customizable Neon Effect Message Frame so you can leave notes and doodles for each other!

What to get a teenage girl for her birthday?

Most girls this age will have had their ears pierced. Treat them to this beautiful and practical Denim Book of Earrings, which can store up to 12 earring pairs, including clip ons.

What's the best gift to buy for a 13 year old girl?

13 year old girls are now fully teenagers and many girls this age will love make up, nail polish and pampering gifts. Our most popular gifts for this age group are the gorgeously lightweight Pink Hair Wrap, the practical and stylish Denim Book of Earrings and for a simple but rewarding gift, the Grow It Bonsai Trees.

What are the must have Christmas presents for teenage girls?

For a Christmas game guaranteed to entertain the adults as well as the teenager, check out the Emoji Puzzle Challenge - 200 Fun Puzzles. Name the song, guess the film, solve the puzzle - test your skills!