Frequently Asked Questions

What to get a teenage girl for her birthday?

Shopping is the way to a girls heart, why not treat them to a Wicked Uncle Gift Card so they can spoil themselves?

What's the best gift to buy for a 13 year old girl?

13 year old girls are now fully teenagers and many girls this age will love make up, nail polish and pampering gifts. Our most popular gifts for this age group include a luxury bath gift set - Panda Yourself, the practical and stylish Denim Book of Earrings and for a simple but fun gift, Catwalk - Six Odd Socks!

What to get your best friend as a gift who's a teenage girl?

Treat your best friend to a truly scrumptious Rainbow Cake which you can make and most importantly eat together! Or for a pamper day, the Panda Yourself gift set includes luxury bath bombs for ultimate relaxtion!