Wooden Firefighters Story Set

Firefighters - 7 Piece Wooden Story Set

Handsome 12cm fire engine with 5 characters - for imaginative play.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a 4 year old boy?

4 year old boys are very energetic and enjoy team games. The best gifts for this age group are games that can be played with others for hours of fun such as the Jump Rocket or Ollyball.

What size shoe does a 4 year old boy wear?

The average shoe size in the UK for 4 year old boys is 8.5-9. Be sure to measure your boys shoes every 2 months as their feet tend to grow quickly at this age.

What is best to buy for a four year old boy's birthday?

Four year olds are quickly learning and discovering the world around them. The best gift to buy a four year old boy to captivate their mind is a Live Butterfly Garden - allowing them to watch a tiny caterpillar turn into beautiful butterflies. A lovely nature project that's fun and rewarding.

What are 4 year old boys into?

4 year old boys enjoy playing elaborative games with other people. They are independent thinkers and are able to spend longer periods playing with toys before getting bored. They love to make up and re-tell stories.