Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a 6 year old boy?

6 year old boys love running around and exploring, but they’re also getting the hang of more structured games. The best gifts for this age group are fun games like Quizzie, toys for some roarsome adventures such as the T-Rex Head Torch or even an amazing Magic Set for curious minds. 

What do 6 year olds like to do?

6 year olds enjoy being active and creative. The best activities for this age are ones which use large muscle groups, so skipping, scootering and throwing balls are best. Boys love to express their creativity with construction and transportation sets so blocks and cars make great gifts. 

What’s a good gift for a six year old?

Good gifts for six year olds range from creative kits, magic sets and fun games which make them run around. Our most popular gifts for this age group are Chess Teacher, a Quizzie game or some Magic Pens.

What are the most popular toys for 6 year old boys?

The most popular toys for 6 year old boys is anything that’s seriously fun or funny. Make them giggle with a game where a pig farts or with a monster building kit. For curious kids, a magic set or science kit is a great gift for birthdays or Christmas. 

How do you entertain a 6 year old boy?

Don’t just put on a film to entertain a 6 year old boy! Instead, do something active and fun. You could play hide and seek, have a pillow fight, make puppets with odd socks or even do some baking. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out our science kits and outdoor toys to keep them occupied.