Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy a 1 year old boy for his birthday?

One year old boys love exploring the world around them and experimenting with different objects. A fun gift for parent and toddler alike is the My First Dinosaurs Magnetic Set or the Magic Touch Guitar.

What's best to buy a 1 year old boy at Christmas?

1 year old boys will love anything to stimulate the senses for a Christmas present. As well as ripping the wrapping paper, they love musical toys, building and stacking blocks or the magic of a starry night light.

What is the best gift for a 1 year old boy?

The best gifts for one year old boys combine learning and fun, great options include Four Noisy Dinosaurs or My First Dinosaur Magnetic Set or musical toys such as Magic Touch Guitar. Many boys this age will be starting to walk, so pull along toys are also a fun option to encourage physical development.

How do you entertain a 1 year old boy?

1 year old boys are highly active and love sensory and active games to keep their busy minds learning. Why not make a treasure basket with some bright objects of different shapes and sizes or get outside to burn some energy and for countless opportunities for learning? For rainy days check out our range of sensory toys and activity cubes to keep your little one entertained.