Age 1: Boys' Gifts

Every 1 year old boy needs a rocket. Or a set of cars. And we have got Turtles that act as night lights  and a bathrobe to play dinosaurs in. Any of these will make a great present for a one-year-old boy. We can wrap any of our boys' or girls' presents with 10 different sorts of giftwrap and we have a selection of zippy birthday cards.

Our Presents for Boys Age 1

Bash the drivers with a plastic hammer and the cars come out - fun!

Superb magnetic rocket to take apart & build - again & again.

Superb nightlight that transforms any room into a starry night sky.

Awesome bath time fun with this cool singing turtle.

Luxury super soft 50cm mouse from France in smart presentation box.

Beautifully made wooden set with a detachable xylophone.

Freddie the Frog squelches around bath time in this noisy book.

Supersoft toddler bath towel with hood - Roarrrrrrrr!

Fashionable fun for stylish little dribblers!

This 9-piece set includes classic tools and a drill that vibrates.

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Hold on to his ears and bounce, bounce, bounce - great fun!

Superb magnetic airplane to take apart & build - again & again.

Lovely wooden blocks that snap together with built-in magnets.

Giant drawing mat to make rainbow doodles appear as if by magic!

Fantastic bathtime fun with 'flying' penguins to music!

A colourful puzzle to stimulate the senses and hand/eye development.

Colourful pirate (with obligatory parrot) who teaches dressing skills.

A chunky and colourful push along shape sorter play car with sounds.

Gorgeous soft covered ride-on toy, very easy to manoeuvre.

Bath time fun with Polar Bears who climb up and zoom down slopes.

Shape sorting fun matching hunny pots to Pooh & his friends.

Teach this adorable wooden dog some new tricks!

Beautifully made wooden snail with a shape sorter in his shell.

Continental height chart that's a cuddly donkey - brilliant!

Smart wooden push toy with Alligators that chomp as they go!

Wooden train, block set, stacker and pull along toy all in one.

Gorgeous soft mini Hippo in a smart presentation box.

Super modern take on the classic wooden xylophone.

This adorable tiger cub toy is almost better than the real thing.

A gorgeous, early-learning book with soft cloth pages.

Noisy bath time book written and illustrated by the Gruffalo team.

Magical light-up fireflies twinkle in his tummy with soothing sounds.

Friendly wooden bee that buzzes as he is pulled along.

A quirky little wooden playmate sure to raise a smile.

Petite soft bear and comforter, nestled in a special gift box.

A beautiful early-learning book with soft cloth pages.

Great set of lovely wooden blocks for building & stacking!

Soft play picnic treats that rattle, jingle, crinkle & squeak.

String of beautifully illustrated fabric reversible bunting.

Fantastic stacking fun with brilliantly colourful cubes.

Fantastic stacking with these brilliantly colourful animal cubes.

Cute baby bear with soft tactile fur that comes beautifully presented.

Fun and colourful wooden police car, complete with robber!

High quality, natural and ecological wooden music set from France.

Super friendly wooden stacking bear with embedded magnets.

Supersoft cute bear that's wearing a Lion onesie!

Backpack, pillow and blanket all in one supersoft cuddly Lion.

Beautifully designed glass clock to brighten up any child's bedroom.

Handcrafted classic wooden push along toy - an all time favourite.

Pull along friendly wooden bear sorter.

All 23 tales on a single print you can put on the wall - brilliant!

Gorgeous, bright colourful design - natural detangling!

Adorable! 40cm tall, incredibly soft, with over-sized feet & ears.

Gorgeous plush cuddly companion in gift box from Paris.

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