Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a 5 year old girl?

At this age, girls are able to sit still for longer periods of time and enjoy activities that allow them to express their individuality. Great toy options for this age group include the Amazing Magic Pens, the Fairytale Pillowcase that you can doodle and colour in, or for a star baker in the making Unicorn Cake Baking Kit!

What size bike should a 5 year old girl have?

What size bike you should get for your 5 year old depends on their height. Most 5 year olds need a bike with a wheel size of between 14-16 inches.

What's the best birthday present for a 5 year old girl?

5 year old girls love being creative and trying new things. To foster her artistic expression surprise her with a set of Amazing Magic Pens or for hours of fun check out our Big Box of Stencils featuring fashion, fairies, flowers and letters!

What time should a 5 year old girl go to bed?

Five year olds need between 10-13 hours of sleep per night. Most 5 year olds have a bedtime between 7.30 and 9.00PM.