Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy for a 6 year old girl?

Six year old girls are becoming increasingly independent from their parents and enjoy discovering their own preferences and identity. Our most popular gifts for this age group are customizable such as Unicorn Friendship Charm Bracelets Kit or magic painting kits like the Aquarellum Butterflies and for guaranteed silliness and laughter, choose Stinky Pig!

What's the best gift for a 6 year old girl?

Six year girls are adept at drawing and writing and often enjoy being creative. Great options to buy for this age are DIY drawing, colour and painting sets, or for a budding designer - customizable toys and jewellery/bead sets.

What size bike does a 6 year old girl need?

Cycling is a popular activity for six year olds! Most 6 year old girls will be on a bike with 16-20 inch wheels.

What do you buy for a 6 year old little girl for her birthday?

Six year old girls will love the Magic Pens Set for creative expression, where you can change colours & even write invisible messages to friends! For a more unique birthday present, check out the Mini True Balance - Six spinning discs for hours of addictive fun.

What does a 6 year old girl want for Christmas?

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a great game for hours of festive fun! Check out our most popular Stinky Pig Game - a pass the parcel style game with a humming pig who farts, a great gift for a six year old and the family alike!