Frequently Asked Questions

What should I get for my daughter’s 10th birthday?

A 10th birthday is a big day for your daughter, so make sure you treat her with a thoughtful and fun gift. We have the best collection of presents for girls turning ten, whether they’re creative, outdoorsy, fashionable or a budding scientist. 

What is the best gift for a 10 year old girl?

The best gifts for 10 year old girls are both fun and seriously cool. Our curated collection of presents include crafting kits, board games and cool bedroom decor. You’re sure to be their favourite relative if you get any of these!

What is a good birthday gift for a 10 year old?

10 year olds are beginning to grow their social circle and really care about what their friends think, so it’s important that the gift you buy them is really cool. We have lots of presents for girls and boys that they’ll be able to enjoy with their friends or on their own. From crafting kits to board games, you’ll find something unique here. 

What do you buy a 10 year old tomboy?

Trying to buy a gift for a 10 year old tomboy? It’s not an easy task because she’s so cool! Luckily, the Wicked Uncle Elves can help. We’ve got a whole host of toys for active kids who just can’t sit still.