Frequently Asked Questions

What's best to buy a 12 year old girl for Christmas?

For a truly unique present this Christmas, check out the Aqua Bluetooth Speaker - a super cool bluetooth speaker with dancing water jets. This will be a sure hit for a teenage girl and her friends!

What can you buy for a 12 year old girl?

12 year old girls are sociable and love to spend time with their friends. Our top gifts for this age group range from stylish speakers Aqua Bluetooth Speaker - Water Dancing!, interactive glow t-shirts guaranteed to make you stand out, or the Makeup Studio - Practise on Paper! for practicing for this ever important milestone!

What to get for a 12 year old birthday girl?

One of our most popular games that is guaranteed to be a hit with a 12 year old girl and her friendship group is Beat That! - Battle of Wacky Challenges. A great option for a birthday party, complete 160 challenges with cups, balls & random objects.