Terms & conditions

If you want to return something, provided it is unused, we will replace or refund it.  Needs to be returned within 30 days of purchase please.

If you have any problem with our products or delivery, let us know and we will fix it. Our Customer Service team is on cs@wickeduncle.co.uk or 020 7099 3649.

Privacy Policy

We will email you to remind you about birthdays and Christmas and occasionally we might email you about really cool presents or particularly brilliant toys. We won't spam you or sell your email to anybody else. We keep exactly as much detail as we need to deliver your order, improve usability and tell you if there is a problem. We also need to prove who we sold to for tax purposes. All the information we have on you can be found under My Account. If you want to be deleted, let us know.


We use cookies on the site.  Mostly we store a little bit of information on your computer that tells us what you have put in your basket. This means if you come back later, you will still know what you wanted to buy. We also track user behaviour so we can see if there are any usability issues. None of your information is transmitted to strange cults, the FBI, the FSA or anyone else.


Some of our suppliers of interesting and unusual toys are sensitive to the use of their images. All the images on this website are covered by intellectual property rights and may not be used by unauthorised commercial parties. Which doesn't stop you sending an image of a cool toy to a friend to say "buy this".

Wicked Uncle Club

WU Club is a new idea where you can pay one Club membership fee and get free Standard Delivery for one year and includes the cost of the current delivery. We are experimenting with the cost level and the system itself. It is offered on a "fair use" basis and is limited to 20 deliveries in any one year - although this can and may be adjusted upwards at the Directors' discretion. We reserve the right to cancel the scheme at any time on returning the original Club fee paid on an individual or group basis.

Legal Status

Wicked Uncle is the trading name of Business Launch Limited.  We are an e-toy shop and sell Brilliant Children's Presents.  The Registered Office is with our accountants at 3 Morley's Place, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3TG.  The Company Registration number is 4574497.