Frequently Asked Questions

What gift is best for an eight year old girl?

This age is a time of making sense and learning about the world. For an inquisitive child, check out entertaining and educational gifts such as the Fun Tape Measure filled with sixty fun facts and statistics or Go Genius World a game where you can play and learn!

What do 8 year old girls like?

The world of an eight year old girl is growing increasingly sophisticated. They are inquisitive and able to draw more complex information and enjoy spending their time keeping active, learning, playing imaginative games and fostering their social connections.

What to get an 8 year old girl for her birthday?

Wow your 8 year old girl on her birthday and for many occasions more! The Disco 360 Ice - LED Lightshow will allow her to create a disco anywhere with this sound responsive LED lightshow. Get ready to dance the night away and start throwing some shapes!

What size is an 8 year old girl?

Clothing sizes are generally based on a child's age, weight and height. An average 8 year old in UK is 128 cms tall.