Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy a 4 year old girl?

4 year old girls love moving and keeping active and also enjoy fine motor skill activities. Why not buy her a Hornit, an all important scooter or bike accessory - that can make her sound like a train or a lion! Or the Sweet Hearts - Wooden Bead Set - the five colourful cords and over 120 wooden beads allow for endless combinations to proudly wear.

What are the must have toys for a 4 year old girl?

Looking for a must have toy for your 4 year old girl? From the magical Colour Changing Umbrellas, creative sets like our most popular Magnetic Fantasy Dress Up to the enchanting Fairy Garden - Grow and Play - we've got you covered!

How should you celebrate a 4 year old girl's birthday?

4 year old girls love to have fun. Mark her birthday with a treasure hunt, leave her clues and riddles to solve until she gets to her birthday present. Throw her a themed birthday party with balloons and bubbles!

What's best to buy a 4 year old girl for Christmas?

At this age, the magic of Christmas is in full swing! Great gift options she'll love with their own hint of magic are the Unicorn Colour Changing Umbrella or the Glow Art - Neon Effect Drawing Board.

How many birthday presents should a 4 year old get?

How many presents a 4 year old receives is largely a personal choice and varies greatly between families. Some like to opt for one present, others go for one present from each family member or an increasingly popular choice is the 4 gift rule - something they want, something they need, something they wear and something they read.