Frequently Asked Questions

What's best to buy for a 7 year old girl's birthday?

Treat your 7 year old to the Unicorn Sparkle - Luxury Bath Set for her birthday! Or for a fantastic creative project that can be re-designed after every wash - check out the Fairytale Pillowcase - Doodle your Own.

What to buy a 7 year old girl?

At this age, 7 year olds are curious and have an unending thirst for knowledge. Great gift options for this age group are fun educational toys such as The Human Body - Under X-Ray and Gangsta Granny's Mental Maths Game.

How to handle a 7 year old girl?

7 year old girls are getting increasingly independent from their parents and will start to worry more about what peers think. When problematic behaviour persists, try not to overreact, set clear boundaries and provide a lot of positive feedback for positive behaviour.

What's best to buy for a 7 year old girl for Christmas?

Every 7 year old will love the momentous gift of a Lockable Secret Diary, a lockable notebook with lined pages and funky doodles for recording all those significant moments! For some fun Christmas pampering, the unicorn poo bath bombs are guaranteed to be a hit!

What do 7 year old girls play with?

7 year old girls like to play a range of games from physical games like hopscotch, skipping, scooting, dancing to activities that employ their fine motor skills such as drawing, cutting, beadwork. They enjoy imaginary play and quieter activities like reading.