Frequently Asked Questions

What to get an 11 year old girl for Christmas?

11 year old girls will love fun and creative sets such as make your own Origami Lanterns. Christmas wouldn't be complete without a great game to play for hours of festive fun! Check out Liar! Liar! - Pants on Fire! for an entertaining game where you must decide 'truth' or 'lie' on a strange or wacky fact.

What should you buy an 11 year old girl?

11 year old girls enjoy being a part of a social group and developing their own personality within their social context. For a fun, unique light up cap that is perfect for parties or just looking good, why not get them the electric pink Flashing LED Baseball Cap.

What birthday present should I buy for an 11 year old girl?

At this age, girls are on the cusp of adolescence and have a wide range of interests. Our most popular toys for this age group are funky disco lights, the artistic Neon Effect Message Frame and for the budding gardener, the Grow It Bonsai Trees.

How to impress an 11 year girl?

The best way to impress an 11 year old girl is to put your phone away and give her undivided attention. Ask her about her interests, family and personal life. A thoughtful gift and compliment will go a long way too!