Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy for a 2 year old girl?

Two year old girls are full of curiosity and love to engage in imaginative play. For hours of fun check out the Hand Puppets - Set of 6 Safari Animals or for bathtime play the Bath Time Unicorns - Squirts & Lights Up.

What's the best birthday present for a 2 year old girl?

At this age, 2 year old girls will be working hard to learn and develop their language and maths skills. From the Hide and Seek Learning Treehouse to the Wooden Dog Jigsaw - Learn your Numbers! - check out our range of exciting educational toys for their birthday.

What to gift a 2 year old baby girl?

With their quickly developing attention span and ability to do more complex tasks and play, 2 year old girls will love a real range of toys. Most popular toys for this age are wooden puzzles, constructions sets and magnetic toys.

What to get a 2 year old girl for Christmas?

Watch with awe as your 2 year old girl starts to discover the magic of Christmas. Why not get a hilarious game for the whole family to play of Jingly Jungle Bowling or watch her eyes light up in wonder with the Magic Painting World.

What is the best gift for 2 year old girl?

2 year old girls are bursting with energy and love to express themselves through play and music. The best gift for this age are toys that allow them to express their creativity in a fun way such as the Magic Touch Guitar.