Frequently Asked Questions

What's best to buy an 8 year old for their birthday?

8 year old boys love learning and participating in the world around them. For a truly unique birthday gift why not get the Roadster Cabriolet where they can explore the world of engineering and build exciting sports cars!

What should you buy an 8 year old boy?

Eight year old boys develop more complex cognitive skills and are able to keep their focus and attention for longer periods. Popular and engaging gift options for this age group are the Archi Tech Smart House and True Balance - 8 spinning Disc stack.

What are 8 year old boys into?

8 year old boys love to build and put together construction sets and still enjoy racing cars and flying airplanes. At this age, boys are still full of boundless energy for play.

What's best to buy an 8 year old for Christmas?

For a brilliantly entertaining board game this Christmas, takes your 8 year old on a journey through history - check out Horrible Histories - The Boardgame. Why not give your 8 year old boy a chance to stand out this Christmas with our Interactive Glow T-Shirt.

How much sleep should and 8 year old get?

Whilst all children are different, it is recommended that an 8 year old boy gets between 9 to 12 hours of sleep a night. As they are fully in the swing of going to school now, research has shown that children who go to sleep before 9PM tend to get more sleep and sleep better at night.