World's Smallest Remote Control Car

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Fun tiny remote control mini car that measures in at only 5cm, easy to use and set up.

Although small, it's very nippy and can even jump off ramps thanks to the front wheel suspension. The easy to use control pad moves your vehicle forward, back, left and right, with a turbo boost function. Charges in only 5 minutes, using the charging cable hidden in the side door and comes with 6 miniature traffic cones, so you can even create your own obstacle course. Just nifty.


World's Smallest RC Car
World's Smallest RC Car Boxed
World's Smallest RC Car Only

Why They'll love it

  • Comes with 6 miniature traffic cones
  • Measures in at only 5cm
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Charges in only 5 minutes

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 6+
  • Box Size: 15cm x 13cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

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