Snow Boarding Polar Bears - in the Bath!

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Brilliant concept for the bath - these Polar Bears climb the ski lift and then zoom down the ski jump.

Each bear has that individual look with a different coloured snow board and hat. Press the button to send a polar bear up the ski lift, through the hut and down the ski jump, splashing into the bath below! Uses magnetic technology, so no need for batteries and has suckers to attach to the side of the bath. Great play for bath time and way more fun than washing.

Snow Boarding Polar Bears
Snow Boarding Polar Bears Packaging
Polar Bears
Sliding Polar Bears

Why They'll love it

  • Stylish polar bears
  • Climb up and zoom down slope
  • Good bath time fun

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 1+
  • Box Size: 30cm x 11cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 570g

About One Year Olds

Once they hit their first birthday, babies start evolving and before long they look like people. Small people admittedly. A one year old will soon start to look like a real little boy or little girl and are therefore adorably cute. Bad time to buy cool outfits since they grow exponentially, but you can add style with little touches. Bath toys now very popular.

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