Banoffee Pie Popcorn - Go Bananas!


Award-winning gourmet popcorn with a tasty pudding flavour - yum!

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Enjoy the smooth taste of caramel, followed by fresh double cream with a sweet kick of banana to finish off!

This award-winning gourmet popcorn from Joe and Seph's is handmade in London using all natural ingredients. Air-popped for a better texture and taste, the unique cooking technique allows the flavour to unlock as you crunch down on the popcorn. It takes about 8 seconds from sweet caramel to delicious fresh cream and banana, yum - popcorn has never tasted so good!

Banoffee Pie Popcorn
Banoffee Pie Popcorn Ingredients

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  • Pack Size: 24cm x 14cm
  • Weight: 100g
Professional company. Beautiful gifts expertly wrapped in bright colourful paper as required. Fabulous gifts for my granddaughter who was delighted.

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