Choosing Toys That Promote Sibling Bonding


siblings playing together and bonding

Nothing causes more sibling squabbles than jealousy over toys. While these situations can be valuable opportunities to teach your children the value of sharing, you can also use other toys that will promote sibling bonding. This will cut down on disagreements and increase cooperation, friendliness, and generosity between young children. These are a few varieties of toys you can use to strengthen their sibling bond and keep the peace during playtime.

Toys that Encourage Imaginative Play

Encouraging your children to create their own imaginary world not only strengthens their creativity, but allows them to work cooperatively in a way that’s both fun and engaging. Whether they want to be firemen, veterinarians, or dinosaurs, you can find the right costume, accessory, or imaginative props to help immerse them in the world they’ve dreamed up together. You can also suggest that they alternate characters or costumes if you find one is taking a more dominant role in each play session.

Puzzles and Board Games

Puzzles and board games can be enjoyed by the entire family, and establishing these sorts of games as a family tradition can help encourage teamwork between your children. For a puzzle that’s both unique and interactive, we suggest our Endangered Animals puzzle or the amazing 3D Fire Dragon puzzle. These inventive puzzles will offer exciting variety for children of any age, while inspiring them to work together toward a common goal. You can also try fun things like our educational or science gifts and games. Choose from things like Little Labs Stars and Planets Science Kit and The World for clever memory tests and challenging fun for every member of the family.

Interactive Books

Many siblings love to read together, and you can make their stories even more engaging with the use of interactive books. Sticker books allow them to author their own story, while pop-up books delight with every turn of the page. Interactive books full of hidden booklets, flaps, and pop-ups will keep your children involved in the story as they read it together. Whether they’re reading it at bedtime or settling down with a good book after lunch, these creative stories will enchant your sons and daughters with every read-through.

Each of these toys allow your children to share an experience rather than simply sharing an object. This will not only encourage a sibling bond, but will give them memories to last a lifetime.



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