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Picture of a child's bedroom which is real - unlike the images in this article

We asked AI to guess what childrens’ bedrooms might look like around Europe – whose is the messiest?

Picture a kid’s room – maybe your own when you were young, or maybe a little relative’s room. What do you see? Lots of toys… cute pictures on the walls… and it’s probably a bit messy, right? Or maybe very messy! 

At Wicked Uncle, we wanted to play about with AI image generator Midjourney to see what it thinks kids’ bedrooms around Europe look like and it did a pretty good job! The AI produced some amazingly detailed images. They all look like rooms that’s for sure – but do they all look like a room a kid would want for their own? We have to say some of them are missing things you would consider essential in a bedroom, for example a bed! 

Some of the bedrooms were pictured decorated in the colours of the country’s flag – we don’t think kids would be that keen on that ourselves! We think they would probably go for something a bit cooler.  

We’ll start from the top of the alphabet, with: 


What an absolutely adorable room! We love the pop up tent on the bed that the owner of this bedroom could use as a reading nook or a prime spot for hide and seek. 

The poster on the wall of a cityscape looks like it could be Brussels, with those old buildings with pointed spires. Though we’re not sure what’s happening in the middle of the picture with that big green blob! Aliens invade Belgium?!

It’s a little bit messy but nothing too crazy, with a few toys laid out on the rug in the middle of the room. Though what game do you play with two balls, two wooden triangles, a plastic bag(?) and what looks like model buildings? Strange combination of objects but hey, it’s not our room! 

Messy level: 4/10


Well that’s a ‘feature wall’ and a half! We love the big mural showing a very walkable town with lots of green spaces – people do say Danish cities are great to explore on foot! 

At first glance, the bed looks a bit like one of those race car beds – but then we noticed the ridiculous number of wheels! Also, the wheels seem to go around the bed on all sides. Midjourney, there’s a reason why actual race cars don’t have wheels on the front and the back as well as the sides! What on earth would that do to the steering? 

What’s going on with drawing on the sheets? Is this the new alternative to walls or was someone in a mood?

There is a cute string of decorations or bunting in the window – we wonder if the child who owns this room made this themselves? Although it does seem to only be hanging from one side, which seems like another Midjourney mixup! 

Messy level: 2/10


Another nice room! Lots of floor space for playing and a few toys scattered around – it’s a pretty standard kid’s room honestly. 

The colourful curtains and blanket look like a reference to classic Finnish design companies like Marimekko who use bright prints – wow Midjourney we didn’t know you were classy like that…!

There are quite a few trucks and cars about the place, on the windowsill, the floor and the bedside table. The AI has done a good job giving them all the correct amount of wheels as far as we can see (something we have seen it sometimes struggles with)!  But that monkey with the safety pin coming out of its head – was that a child’s creativity or… something else?

We like the world map on the wall behind the bed, though something strange seems to have happened in Midjourney there, as not only are North and South America in there twice, along with a warped Greenland, it seems to have another smaller map behind it! 

Messy level: 3/10


We can tell you one thing, the child who lives in this room really likes the Eiffel tower. We suppose that’s what happens when you ask Midjourney to give you something French! 

And there’s definitely a lot of red, blue and white in this bedroom. It’s a bit stereotypically patriotic, isn’t it? Zut alors! We’re not sure any French kids would think this room is très bien… 

We can spot a guitar leaning on the wall, and another musical instrument by the window. At least, we are assuming it is a guitar.

They’ve left their shoes and what looks like a hoodie on the floor by the bed. Bit messy that, but very typical. 

Messy level: 4/10


Wow! This fantastically cheerful and busy room looks like a retro toyshop, with every surface covered in colourful things we’d love to get a closer look at. 

We like those painted cabinets or chests, no doubt full of even more fabulous toys and knick knacks. 

But something important is missing. Yes – a bed. Unless you think the imaginary person who took the imaginary photo stood on the bed to take this AI snap? 

It looks like there are lots of little models on the shelf and windowsill. And could that be a red and black skateboard at the back of the room, hanging up behind some kind of dome-roofed doll house? 

One thing that concerns us, in addition to the missing bed and the cabinet that seems to be staring at us, is that the cabinet on the right of the room seems to be held up by brightly coloured cones, not unlike the ones you can walk around on like stilts! 

Messy level: 2/10

Great Britain

First thing to mention for this one is obviously how much of a mess it is. This is the messiest one so far! As a UK based company we cannot say we’re surprised – but we’re not flattered! 

Union Jack all over the place in this one – it’s all a bit ‘Cool Britannia’ from back in the 90s! We’re not sure if the toy car at the front is more of a Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Beetle but either way it has a retro feel. Come to think of it, this whole bedroom is a bit retro.

We’re having a close look at the cuddly toy by the red drawers – is that a chicken wearing red sunglasses? But it also looks a bit like a dog, with a round black nose. Midjourney really does create some weird stuff! 

We like the way this imaginary child and their family have decorated this room though, with lots of lovingly blue-tacked up pictures and postcards. Of course there’s an umbrella at the foot of the bed…  of course… 

Messy level: 8/10


The AI image generated for Greece is very chic. And what an unbelievably gorgeous view out to the coast! It looks like you could just pop open the window and run down to the beach in five minutes. You wouldn’t be able to keep the Wicked Uncle team away from that beach in the summer. 

We hope there are some blinds or curtains whoever lives here can use though, otherwise it will be very bright in the mornings! 

From the walls to the bedding, you can see a lot of the colours of the country’s flag, shades of blue and white – we’re not sure Greek kids would really go for this. 

This is one of the most modern looking bedrooms that Midjourney has come up with, and you can just imagine a very cool kid hanging out in here with some of their friends sitting on the surprisingly numerous bean bag chairs! Naturally, they’d have some music playing from the red speakers on their shelf.

We like how the teddy peeking out behind the pillow has been given a face a bit like a sloth. Not sure that Greece is known for its sloths but we’re here for it. 

This room is a little bit messy we think, with a few things lying around, including the object that might be one stray sandal by the bed. 

Messy level: 4/10


We do like this room but we’re not sure what the object in the centre of the rug is, we must confess! A tiny little chair? It’s only got two legs though, which is not very promising for its stability as a spot to sit. 

It looks like the bed is a sofa bed, currently in sofa mode. We hope so anyway, as it doesn’t look like it would be at all pleasant to sleep on in this position! Does it fold out?

And where are the duvet and the comfy cushions? Midjourney, you’ve gussied up this imaginary room ready to make a very clean and tidy impression but you’ve gone too far and hidden away all the cosy stuff!

There’s a few potted plants in this room – one on the windowsill and Is that another little one, on the dresser on the right? Hope the little kid who lives here has got green fingers for the plants’ sake! 

Messy level: 1/10


A very funky representation here of an Italian child’s bedroom. Molto elegante

However, once again, the bed is missing! What’s with all these missing beds? A bedroom is next to no use without somewhere to kip! 

We think this room might belong to a child who is into their fashion as we can see what looks like a few different jackets hanging up. Italy is a country known for its style after all! 

The floor seems to be made of grey marble, which seems more typical for a kitchen or bathroom than a child’s bedroom. It took us a while to notice that, because we were looking around at everything in the room. Not very nice on the tootsies when you get up on a cold winter morning! 

That’s a very cute classic toy car in the middle of the floor there – but to the left of it there’s a fair bit of clutter! 

Messy level: 5/10


OMG what’s going on here? What an incredible mess! At least they made the bed!

It’s a lovely room though, with a whimsical red cupboard that looks like a building, and lots of pictures up. 

When you look closely at the pile of toys on the floor, there are a lot of items that look a bit like a toy car but without enough wheels. There is also a huge quantity of colourful balls and balloons, as well as what looks like a toy catapult. That looks fun – but we are sure everybody knows a kid who would be a menace with one of them! 

How is anyone supposed to reach the dart board all the way up by the ceiling? Now that’s advanced championship level darts. 

Messy level: 8/10


Okay, we actually love those hot air balloon lamp shades! They go very well with the tiny red hot air balloon on the wall behind the bed. 

There are quite a few paintings on the walls – maybe this room belongs to quite an artistic kid. Although the arrangement is not so artistic. They are kind of scattered all over the place! We guess that’s artistic in its own way. We don’t see the genius at work behind the little painting tucked between the window and the ceiling though. 

We’re not quite sure what to make of the toy car with big handles on in the middle of the room either. That seems to us like Midjourney got a little confused! Maybe it’s clockwork and you crank the handles backwards to set it going? Maybe you are supposed to ride it around, very uncomfortably? We cannot make any sense of it to be honest. Answers on a postcard…

Messy level: 3/10


The first thing that jumps out to us is the door under the windowsill. Is that a real door? We can only imagine that it leads to an amazing secret den! If we had a den like that, we’d probably tell everyone about it and then it wouldn’t be a secret den any more. It would be the best though. We would have a Nintendo Switch in there, and lots of sweets. Yes – you’re allowed in. 

What a cute room! We like all the dolls’ houses, as well as what looks like a mini workbench at the left of the picture. Is that a touch of Gaudi influencing the art on the walls?

Midjourney is properly showing off its knowledge of architecture, with all the cool geometric shapes and archways on the dolls’ houses. Genuinely looks quite a lot like the architecture you see in some parts of Spain. Good job. 

Messy level: 2/10


This is a very sweet room but rather cluttered! 

We can see quite a lot of mini items of furniture in here – we wonder if that’s because of Sweden’s famous export Ikea! We especially like that miniature table with wheels next to the cupboard, and the blue stackable boxes. But with all these handy storage solutions, we must ask, why is everything on the floor? Tut tut. Whoever lives here needs to get a few more Billy bookcases and sort themselves out. 

We like all the cute knick knacks on the shelf above the head but you must admit it looks a bit overloaded – we’re begging the little imaginary Swedish child, don’t put anything else up on that shelf or it will fall down on you in the night and make you shout Hej!

Is that a model rocket on the table to the right? At least the inflatable globe is on a string and a small chain for extra safety!

Messy level: 6/10

Which was your favourite?

We loved seeing all these rooms though some of them were a bit confusing in their layouts or their contents! (We’re looking at you, Germany!) 

And we can conclusively say that according to the Midjourney AI, the children of the Netherlands and the UK are the joint messiest in Europe, both with a (very high) high score of 8/10. Yikes! Whether that’s fair or not, we could not comment! 

Second most untidy was Sweden at 6/10, followed closely by Italy at 5/10.

The tidiest room was the AI’s depiction of a Hungarian child’s room – so tidy that all the bedding had been tidied away! Lots of these rooms looked rather unrealistically clean, we have to say… Looking very tidy at a joint 2nd tidiest, it’s Spain, Denmark and Germany, all scoring 2/10. 

AI visualisation of kid’s bedroom How messy is it? Out of 10 
Great Britain


We asked the AI image generator Midjourney to show us pictures of children’s bedrooms in various countries around Europe, so that we could compare them and decide which ones look the most like we would imagine a child’s room in that country to look. Also so that we could decide which imaginary rooms rule and which ones drool – which ones make you want to hang out all day and which ones make you want to stay away? 

We wanted to use AI to generate these pictures because we are a company who care about introducing kids to science, and we are really excited about the potential of AI as a tool children can use. We want to spark curiosity about what you can do with this technology, as well as putting together a fun project about a subject kids will already know a lot about – what makes a cool bedroom? 


All of the images within this research were generated using the AI image generator, Midjourney – with prompts that have been included for each country. None of these images were created by anyone at Wicked Uncle. As such, any resemblance to real rooms, people or belongings is purely coincidental as a result of AI-training algorithms.



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