Unicorn Book-Tails - Cutest of Bookmarks!


Soft plush bookmark with long fluffy tail to magically mark your page!

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A charming reading companion waiting for you to turn the next page!

This wonderful plush bookmark is uniquely designed as a magical unicorn. Simply pop her in your book and she will save your place - a length of strong braided string keeps your pages separate, whilst the unicorn's head pokes out the top and her tail dangles out the bottom! Complete with gold glasses, sparkly horn and a fluffy pink mane. Enjoy many hours of happy reading with your new book-tail companion - cuter than your average pagekeeper!

Unicorn Book-Tail Bookmark
Unicorn Bookmark
If Unicorn Book-Tail

Why They'll love it

  • Cute bookmark shaped like a plush unicorn
  • Strong braided string, head and dangly tail
  • Complete with glasses, horn and mane too!

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 3+
  • Pack Size: 15cm x 8cm x 7cm
  • Weight: 20g
Prompt delivery; the card and wrapping were very exciting; and the gift was very stimulating for the little birthday girl! Huge thanks.

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