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Twerk Pong - Shake your Booty!

Only 9 in stock

Insanely funny new party game, just twerk the fastest to win!

This super fun game puts your twerking skills to the test. Fill your box up with the ping pong balls provided, tie it round your waist and race to see who can empty the box quickest. Rack up the tunes and let the players shake their booties to the music. No touching the box with your hands or getting help from others. Guaranteed laughs, simply hilarious - move it, work it, shake it, twerk it!

Twerk Pong Box
Twerk Pong
Twerk Pong Contents
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Why They'll love it

  • Race To Empty The Box Quickest
  • Put Your Twerking Skills To The Test

Technical Stuff

  • Box Size: 20cm x 15cm x 7cm
  • Weight: 215g

Girls, 15-35 and older...

This section is where we put things which can be fun for anybody. If you have ever wondered what to buy your 22 year old niece that she won't have seen before, this is where it will be. Might be a bit eclectic, but who else would think to buy this?

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