Dog Treat Boss Box - Business kits for Kids


Make, package & sell Dog Treats - be the Boss of your own business!

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Everything needed to launch a business, turning every child into their own boss!

The superb Boss Box manual is fun and easy to follow and guides children through setting up business every step of the way. From making and packaging Dog Treats to simple explanations and fun advice about pricing, selling and marketing, as well as naming your company. Use the kit to make 30 yummy treats for dogs, with rolled oats, organic flour and the other ingredients included. Then package and add the gift tags, before filling in the marketing flyers - you're ready to have fun selling and even comes with thank you notes for valued customers. Ignite the first sparks of entrepreneurship with this brilliant kit - Think Big, start Young!

Dog Treat Business
Sell Dog Treats
Boss Box Dog Treats Business

Why They'll love it

  • Everything needed to launch a business
  • Think Big, start Young!

Technical Stuff

  • Box Size: 35cm x 26cm x 8cm
  • Weight: 1.2Kg
Superb in every aspect gifts success, site access, delivery prompt.

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