Cool Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys In 2020


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Gifts for 8 year old boys need to be both fun and cool. Luckily, this is the exact sort of toy dilemma that Wicked Uncle excels at! Here’s a list of the top tried and tested toys for 8 year olds.

Top 10 Presents and Toys:

  1. Air Shot
  2. Roadster Cabriolet
  3. Space Invaders
  4. Wicked Pranks
  5. Engenius Contraptions
  6. Pokibot
  7. Salt Water Engine Car
  8. Chocolate Vegetables
  9. Atomic Power Popper
  10. Motion Control Drone

1Air Shot, £19.95£19.95

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For the sharpshooter

This cool, futuristic target base is an exciting gift for any imaginative, role-playing 8 year old. His Clint Eastwood dreams can be fulfilled by taking aim at these floating styrofoam balls. Bring the Western shootout to the 21st century! Don’t worry, it only shoots foam darts, so he can’t go and hurt his sibling…

2Roadster Cabriolet, £16.99£16.99

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The road to engineering

If you’ve got a little mechanic on your hands, you’re bound to make his day with this detailed and seriously authentic present. He’ll be kept busy for hours with its 174 pieces, and he can keep going until he’s made 5 different cars. Not only can he customise his models with a provided decal sheet, but he can then watch his creation zoom off with its pull-back motor!

3Space Invaders, £15.00£15.00

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A trip to the past

Roll back the years with this cool handheld version of the 1970’s arcade classic. He’ll be hooked flying side-to-side, shooting the aliens that pour in from above. Soon Fortnite will seem like a distant memory. It even comes on a handy keyring, so he might just end up sneaking a game in during a lesson.

4Wicked Pranks, £17.95£17.95

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A troublemaker is afoot…

At Wicked Uncle, we see the funny side in a bit of cheekiness, and there’s no better way to irritate the family than with silly and surprising pranks. From classics like the Fake Parking Ticket to contemporary twists like the Smart Phone Spider Trick, the fun is never-ending…. which is great news for him, and awful news for his siblings.

5Engenius Contraptions, £29.95£29.95

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Flat-pack fun

With this award-winning present, he can watch marbles descend down a crazy runway that he made entirely himself! Following the detailed instructions, he’ll love assembling his zig-zagged course. It’s a creation to marvel over – he can start making the flat-packs from IKEA now too!

6Pokibot, £16.95£16.95

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A small, trusty friend

Sometimes it’s nice to have a companion by your side at all times – and sometimes it’s even better if that companion happens to be a robot! Pokibot can do everything from speaking in a unique robot voice to throwing some funky shapes – and you can take it with you anywhere! It also shoots to life at the clap of a hand, so it’ll be far more obedient than any other friend…

7Salt Water Engine Car, £15.95£15.95

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There’s nothing cooler than sustainability

A car-lover’s dream, this present lets him build his own V8 engine 4×4. Well, okay, not a full-sized 4×4. But this little vehicle packs just as much excitement – not only does it feature an innovative assembly, but it’s also environmentally friendly with its salt water-powered engine. In 2019, the coolest gifts are the ones that have the Earth on their mind first.

8Chocolate Vegetables, £8.95£8.95

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One of your five-a-day

It’s not easy to enforce a healthy diet – at least, it wasn’t easy until asparagus tasted like this! These vegetables are made from Belgian dark and white chocolate, and deceit has never been so delectable. He may frown when he opens the present up, but by the end of the day you’ll be his hero (and his dietitian). Now let’s just hope he gets one confused with an actual carrot…

9Atomic Power Popper, £19.95£19.95

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Pump out the fun

Need a way to give a hyperactive 8 year old an adrenaline outlet? Your search is over! This double-barrelled, pump action fires soft, orange balls at the same speed that he manages to fire the power popper. The question is: can he fire quicker than his brother can throw a pillow?

10Motion Control Drone, £29.95£29.95

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A drone on his fingertips

In 2019, the drone craze is running wild, but none are quite as cool as this nifty Motion Control Drone. Using only the power of a mouse-like gadget that clips to the hand, all he has to do is tilt his hand to operate the drone! Both simple and exciting at once. Every pilot has to start somewhere…

And if these weren’t quite the cool presents you were after, there are plenty more worthy picks over here!

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