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BrainWavez - IQ Puzzlers

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A fun collection of mental teasers and classic conundrums to test your brain.

Try thinking outside the box to find that Eureka moment as you solve these entertaining brain teasers. The tin set of 100 puzzle cards make thought provoking challenges like...Why are 2001 US dollars worth more than 1999 US dollars?...What comes next, O, T, T, F, F, S, S?...When is four half of five? (this one stumped us!). The ultimate IQ brain training - an instant dose of mental medicine!

IQ Puzzler BrainWavez
Cheatwell IQ Puzzler BrainWavez
Cheatwell BrainWavez
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Why They'll love it

  • 100 puzzle cards
  • Give your brain a work-out
  • Thought provoking challenges

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 12+
  • Tin Size: 9cm x 9cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 125g

About Twelve Year Old Girls

Twelve year old girls are very sociable and love spending time with their friends. They enjoy playing cool and unusual games, and love creating some culinary masterpiece to share. They enjoy learning about their world around them and the human body and listening to the latest music. These girls are the scientists and engineers of the future, so any gift you give them that has a focus on technology will be much appreciated.

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