Holographic Glitter - Face, Body & Nails

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Highlight and define your features with holographic glitter for a touch of sparkle and dramatic effects.

This glamorous glitter gift set has all that you need for the ultimate holographic sparkle, with four glitter shakers in silver, violet, pink and blue. Comes with fixing gel, applicator sponge, brush and mixing palette and can be used on face, body and nails. Simply apply the fixing gel to the areas that you would like to define, then lightly brush over with glitter for a sparkling style statement. When the party's over simply clean off with face wipes. Perfect for standing out in the crowd - shine and sparkle!

Holographic Glitter Face Body Nails
Paintglow Holographic Glitter Face Body Nails

Why They'll love it

  • Suitable for body, nails and face
  • Not tested on animals

Technical Stuff

  • Pack Size: 21cm x 15cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 140g

About Twelve Year Old Girls

Twelve year old girls are very sociable and love spending time with their friends. They enjoy playing cool and unusual games, and love creating some culinary masterpiece to share. They enjoy learning about their world around them and the human body and listening to the latest music. These girls are the scientists and engineers of the future, so any gift you give them that has a focus on technology will be much appreciated.

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