T-Rex Mega - Easy Press-out Model

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Build your own 3ft long 3D mega model Tyrannosaurus Rex to guard your bedroom!

This striking model is easy to put together without using glue or scissors. The thick model pieces are pressed out of 2mm boards, which are then reused to form a base for the model, giving it a swampy prehistoric setting. Includes a 24-page book filled with fascinating facts about the ferocious T-Rex, a fun quiz and stunning imagery of this king of the dinosaurs. Roarrrrr!

T-Rex Mega Model
T-Rex Mega Model Packaging
T-Rex Mega Model Contents
T-Rex Mega Model Finished Model

Why They'll love it

  • Build a 91cm 3D T-Rex
  • Includes a book of dinosaur facts

Technical Stuff

  • Pack Size: 27cm x 30cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 1.7Kg

All Boys

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