Eye Bogglers - A Mass of Amazing Illusions!


Experience eye-boggling, brain-twisting extremes - truly incredible!

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A reality-ripping collection of visual puzzles that are eye-boggling and brain-twisting.

Wow your eyes as you experience this mind-melting collection of visual puzzles. Blow your mind with 90 pages of incredible mind tricks, impossible illusions and perplexing puzzles - this fascinating book has them all. Seeing is normally believing, but not in this book! The answer to each visual trickery is hidden at the back - but you still won't believe your eyes!

ISBN 9781780970745
Eye Bogglers Book
Eye Bogglers 9781780970745

Why They'll love it

  • Experience eye-boggling, brain-twisting extremes
  • 90 pages of incredible mind tricks

Technical Stuff

  • Book Size: 17cm x 17cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 195g
Nice choices (and different too) on your website and very prompt delivery service. Nice touch with the little thank you card enclosed as well. I also had a question prior to ordering so sent an email and this was dealt with promptly and efficiently too.

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