Alphabet Zoo - Jigsaw & Playset!

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Lovely wooden jigsaw, cut and painted by hand, that is also a playset and a fun way to learn your letters.

Each piece is an animal with a letter corresponding to the initial of the animal, from 'a' for alligator to 'z' for zebra and can stand separately on its own. Handcrafted, each set is a unique 26 piece animal playset with bright vibrant colours. The chunky pieces are tough and durable and come with a stylish natural cotton bag to store them. Really fun combination playset for little ones, helping with both letter and animal recognition. An unusual and special present.

Alphabet Zoo - Jigsaw & Playset!
Alphabet Zoo Jigsaw Packaging
Alphabet Zoo - Jigsaw Pieces
Alphabet Zoo - Jigsaw

Why They'll love it

  • Handcrafted wooden jigsaw
  • Unique 26 piece animal playset
  • Each animal piece can stand separately

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 3+
  • Box Size: 60cm x 20cm x 3cm
  • Weight: 770g

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