Frequently Asked Questions

What should you buy a 10 year old boy?

10 year old boys are increasingly fascinated with technology. Why not give them a break from the screen - boys will be captivated with the Jellyfish Tank Mood Light or will love running around with the Jumbo Octopus Kite.

What do 10 year old boys like?

Most 10 year old boys like to experiment and try new things, and are full of energy, curiouristy and humour. They enjoy being active, spending time with friends and discovering the joys and wonders of technology.

What's best to buy a 10 year old boy for their Birthday?

10 year old boys are very social and build strong ties with friends. Check out our range of fun games they can play with their friends on their birthday, from The Upside Down Challenge to Fifty Pranks to Freak your Friends.

How do you entertain a 10 year old boy?

Full of curiosity and energy, 10 year old boys can be entertained in a number of easy ways. With their brains thirsty for knowledge and creation, encourage your 10 year old to create their own cartoon, invent a new recipe in the kitchen or why not get them outside for a challenge with the Smart Ball or the Jumbo Octopus Kite.