The Space Creativity Book - Out Of This World!


Crammed full of fun activities - drawing, puzzles, crafts & stickers.

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Fantastic creativity book crammed full of fun activities to explore the fascinating world of space.

This delightful book is packed with creative drawing and colouring, puzzles, games and mazes, make-and-do activities and write-in stories. As well as space-themed craft paper to make things, the 80 perforated pages include over 150 stickers with fold-out scenes inside a space ship and an alien city. There's even a recipe to make and bake Meteorite Bites, make a planet mobile and an awesome quiz to test your knowledge - out of this world!

space activity book
ISBN 9781783124640
Space book

Why They'll love it

  • Crammed full of fun space-themed activities
  • 80 pages, over 150 stickers with fold-out scene

Technical Stuff

  • Weight: 400g
  • Book measures: 27cm x 23cm x 1cm