Butterflies Tattoos - 81 Temporary Tattoos


Awesome book of temporary tattoos - packed with fascinating facts!

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Book of 81 realistic, easy-to-apply tattoos of beautiful butterflies and other insects.

This brilliant book features 81 stunning and realistic temporary tattoos of butterflies and other insects, from the iridescent Golden Scarab Beetle to the beautiful Madagascan Sunset Moth. Easy to apply and sure to impress your friends, these cool tattoos can last up to several days. Explore the back of the book to discover awesome facts about each specimen - did you know that the Seven-Spotted Ladybug can eat up to 100 aphids a day? Incredible!

Butterfly Tattoos
ISBN 9781635862027
Butterfly Tattoos for Children

Why They'll love it

  • 81 beautiful, easy-to-apply temporary tattoos
  • Fascinating guide with awesome facts!

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  • Book Size: 26cm x 15cm`
  • Weight: 95g
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