The Best Toys For 12 Year Old Girls


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Selecting gifts for 12 year old girls can be difficult as children get more picky – but with the help of the Wicked Uncle Elves, we’ve established the best gifts for girls age 12! Whether it’s a toy for your niece or birthday gifts for your 12 year old daughter, look no further than this approved list!

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Neon Effect Message Frame
  2. Quizzie
  3. Aqua Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Waboba Wingman
  5. Cat Towelling Headband
  6. Bath Bombs – Unicorn Poo!
  7. Hair Accessories – 4 Stacking Tins
  8. Disco 360 Ice
  9. Donuts – Six Odd Socks
  10. IQ Puzzler

1Neon Effect Message Frame, £16.95£16.95

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Perfect for a bedroom revamp

12 year old girls are increasingly becoming more conscious of their bedroom aesthetic, and this stylish frame is an elegant addition that’s bound to impress. She can use the bright, neon pens to doodle or write on the glass panel, and can then enjoy her work in style as the LED lights make her art glow! The drawings are easily wiped off with a dry cloth, so she can switch up her style every day.

2Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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A quiz with a twist!

If you’ve been looking for a quiz present with higher stakes, then look no further than Quizzie. This adorable 10cm tall robot doesn’t stay cute for long, as it squirts water in someone’s face when they get a wrong answer! She can record up to 5 of her own yes or no questions, or pick from 2 other fun game modes!

3Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, £26.95£26.95

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Throw shapes in style

A portable speaker like no other, this is a gift that will excite and mesmerise. With LED lights and powerful water jets that respond to the beat of the music, the Aqua Bluetooth Speaker is a groovy addition to any 12 year old girl’s room. Complete with 4 hours of playback time, this can also be enjoyed at a park or on the beach!

4Waboba Wingman, £5.95£5.95

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A fun, fold-up frisbee

For any active 12 year old girl, this portable silicone disc is the perfect present. Soft and easy to catch, absolutely nobody will have an issue enjoying playing with this on a sunny day at the beach or the park! The Waboba Wingman flies up to 40 metres away, so she’ll be running endlessly to get the most out of this gift.

5Cat Towelling Headband, £6.95£6.95

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For the feline fanatic!

You may know a 12 year old girl who’s becoming more hair conscious, which opens up a whole other world of present ideas. Cute, comfy, and stylish, this is a toy that prioritises convenience over fun. Next she’ll be asking for a real cat!

6Bath Bombs – Unicorn Poo!, £7.95£7.95

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A magical bath time

At 12 years old, she may have outgrown bath time tantrums, but that doesn’t mean she finds them overly exciting. Well, with these playful, dazzling bath bombs, she’ll have Mum and Dad complaining about the water bill! The 10 bombs each have their own unique design and fruity aroma, all guaranteed to create a luxurious bathing experience.

7Hair Accessories – 4 Stacking Tins, £8.95£8.95

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Cute and convenient!

As she gets older, the amount of bits and bobs she has lying around the house is also bound to increase. At Wicked Uncle, we have the perfect present to organise messy rooms – these stacking tins come in bright colours and super pretty designs, and are clearly labelled for added convenience! A perfect addition to any 12 year old girl’s bedroom, and a good way to encourage organisation and tidiness.

8Disco 360 Ice, £19.95£19.95

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Bring the disco anywhere you go!

12 year olds are ready for a boogie at any moment, and this cool toy is the best way to give them a portable party! A funky LED light system that flashes in sync with the beat of the music, this nifty gift just needs to be plugged into a power socket, and then the groove can commence. Even the dog will be throwing shapes!

9Donuts – Six Odd Socks, £13.95£13.95

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Odd socks, great fashion

Neatly presented as a tasty selection box of donuts, these funky socks are a great way for any 12 year old girl to standout in the classroom! With a potential 15 different combinations, this present will have her wondering why she ever wore matching socks in the first place. Warning: this gift will encourage actual donut cravings…

10IQ Puzzler, £9.95£9.95

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For the budding brainiac

A great toy for any brainy 12 year old girl that loves a challenge, these tricky puzzles will keep her busy for an entire day! The aim is to use the coloured balls to complete the designs given in the booklet – it might sound easy, but there are 120 challenges that range from simple and 2D, to baffling, 3D constructions. A toy that’s not only fun, but is also endlessly rewarding.

For more great gift ideas for 12 year old girls, check out our full range over on our website!

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