Best Toys for 1 Year Old Girls in 2020


It’s not easy to find unique gifts for 1 year old girls, so the Wicked Uncle Elves have done the hard work for you. The coolest presents for a 1 year old girl have been sorted into an approved list, with hours of guaranteed fun and fascination! After this, you’ll be the expert in buying presents for a 1 year old.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Pretty Purse – Fill & Spill
  2. Mighty Echo Microphone
  3. Highland Cow
  4. What Should I Wear? Activity Book
  5. Stacking Music Set
  6. Feed-Me Bath Frog
  7. Farm Touch & Feel Puzzle
  8. The Wonderful World Of Peekaboo
  9. Penguin Musical Wobbler
  10. My First Farm Animals 

1Pretty Purse – Fill & Spill, £19.99£19.99

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Her first purse

For the young girl that just wants to be like her Mum, this charming, soft play set is the best way to make her feel well beyond her age. With toys including a chiming mobile phone, a set of plastic keys, and a purse with fabric coins, she’ll have enough accessories to play her afternoons away in clouds of imagination!

2Mighty Echo Microphone, £10.95£10.95

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Mighty microphone for the mini musician

Before she’s discovered the world of pop stars and rock legends, she can become one herself! This battery-free, wooden microphone echoes as she sings or make noises down its blue top – hours of amplified fun! Warning: a gift that’ll lead to boisterous car singalongs in years to come…

3Highland Cow, £undefined

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A cuddly mate for any moooo-d

At this young age, soft, huggable toys are a winner – but you want to make sure you get the best of the bunch! This plush, comforting Highland Cow is a stand-out gift with its shaggy coat and soft, curved horns. Realistic and unique, its bound to make any 1 year old feel special. It even moos if you press its hoof.

4What Should I Wear? Activity Book, £12.95£12.95

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Fascinating fashion

The art of dressing a dolly has been revitalised with this super fun, interactive activity book. With each page representing a different location – be it a day at the beach or a dance rehearsal – she can remove the dolly from the page to dress her for each occasion! All packed in an adorable, cloth book with a soft but durable dolly, this is a gift she’ll be picking up every night.

5Stacking Music Set, £29.95£29.95

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Creative, melodic fun

For 1 year olds who are ready to explore a world of melody and rhythm, this stacking music set is a wonderful gift. The 5
colourful blocks are made up of a drum, xylophone, rattle, scratch board, and mini gong which can be stacked in an endless variety of ways. The first step on the road to her Grammy nomination…

6Feed-Me Bath Frog, £20.00£20.00

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A funny frog friend

At Wicked Uncle, we know how stressful bath time can be, but with this cool toy, it’s both easy and fun! This happy frog floats on the water with a shape sorter on his tummy, so children can feed him with the insect shaped pieces, which include a bee and a ladybird. An fun gift to make sure bath time is remembered for laughter, and not tears!

7Farm Touch & Feel Puzzle, £9.95£9.95

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Charming, sensory puzzle

A cool gift for any 1 year old girl who’s already fascinated by the great outdoors and all of its wildlife wonders! With chunky animal-shaped puzzle pieces suited for the smallest of hands, no child will have any trouble being left to figure out this cute puzzle. And with every animal textured to suit its real feel, their imagination will transport them right to the farmyard!

8The Wonderful World Of Peekaboo, £12.95£12.95

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Crazy cloth activity book

The age-old game of peekaboo has been rejuvenated with this colourful, crinkly cloth book. With the pages filled with jungle animals and vibrant, engaging designs, she’ll be peeking past the lift-up flaps for hours on end. A durable toy that’s designed to last through endless playtimes, she’ll be digging this one out when she’s tidying her room 10 years later!

9Penguin Musical Wobbler, £16.95£16.95

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Wobbling, waddling wonders!

The Penguin Musical Wobbler has an adorable, happy face, a smooth to touch wooden base, and it emits calming, tinkling sounds, providing 1 year olds with lots of sensory enjoyment. And she’ll be fascinated as it shoots right back up at every push – a great source of curious confusion to keep her busy while dinner’s being made.

10My First Farm Animals, £19.95£19.95

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Bring the farm to her!

Organising a day at the farm, although fun, can be a hassle – so instead, give her endless farmyard joy with this cool, quirky play set. A 16 piece set that contains magnetic rods at the back and front of each animal, letting any child spend hours creating wacky and imaginative animal combinations! With these large but soft to touch toys, she’ll have days of fun bringing her mini farm to life.

And the options don’t end here – for more fun, exciting toys for 1 year old girls, check out our full range!

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