Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls in 2019


At 10 years old, little girls are growing taller, becoming more assertive, and are sure of which toys are worth their time. A tricky customer indeed. Alas, the Wicked Uncle Elves are prepared as ever, and have hand-picked 10 unique and intriguing gifts to curb any toy fatigue that might have come along with the growing attitude of a 10 year old…

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. World Map Pillowcase
  2. Slime DIY Case – Neon with Glitter
  3. Imagidice
  4. Secret Message Labs – Girls Only
  5. Unicorn Poo
  6. Neon Effect Message Frame
  7. Hairlights
  8. Aqua Bluetooth Speaker
  9. Doodle Designer Accessory Bag
  10. Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs

1World Map Pillowcase, £15.95£15.95

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Pillow by night, world map by day!

Contrary to what your constantly-tired brain might tell you, pillows don’t have to just be for sleeping! This map is full of facts and exotic creatures to give any inquisitive 10 year old an exciting and educational tour at the end of her own bed. The kit comes with washout pens, so you can sneak in a go yourself without anyone noticing…

2Slime DIY Case – Neon with Glitter, £17.95£17.95

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Slime can be pretty – seriously!

What does every 10 year old really want? Slime. No, seriously – with this neon, DIY slime, your child can use different colours, glitter, and figurines to make the most exciting gloop they could imagine. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry: this is entirely mess-free!

3Imagidice, £13.95£13.95

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Story time just got more interesting

These 10 year olds have been hearing bedtime stories for a decade now, so we can excuse them if they’re getting a bit bored. Imagidice to the rescue! It comes with 12 dice that offer 72 different images each, so you can test the youngsters’ imagination and storytelling over 10 million times (it could be a long night)! Make sure to take notes…

4Secret Message Labs – Girls Only, £24.95£24.95

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To nurture your little gossip!

Accept it – as they keep growing up, the youngsters are going start keeping more and more secrets from the oldies. So you might as well chuck in some education with the deceit! This gift is the ultimate starter kit for secrecy – not only 25 scientific ways to keep secrets, but also facts about how secrets have been shared in the past! The Secret Message Lab comes with a second case for a friend – but you can keep dreaming and hope she’ll give it to you instead!

5Unicorn Poo, £5.95£5.95

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Everyone does it, even unicorns…

10 year olds can find the magic in anything – even poo! A squishy, mouldable middle and a sticky surface mean that this vibrant “accident” can stick to walls, doors, and windows – yep, that includes the front windows. Never has poo been so rare, unique, and entertaining!

6Neon Effect Message Frame, £16.95£16.95

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Everything is better in neon!

Whether it’s a cute message or an adventurous doodle, everything looks cooler in neon. If you know a 10 year old after some funky room decor, this LED frame is the answer. With pink, green, and orange pens to draw on the glass panel, she can let her imagination run unchecked. Just make sure it’s used to draw dazzling doodles, and not to tell her siblings what she thinks of them…

7Hairlights, £12.95£12.95

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A stepping-stone to L’Oréal…

At 10, the youth are probably looking to experiment with some bolder fashion statements – but she’s just a tad too young for a tattoo. So play it safer with these colourful, temporary hair highlights! They come with six different shades and can be easily washed out with shampoo, so are the perfect addition to any girly sleepover! (Warning: may lead to questionable hair choices later in life.)

8Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, £26.95£26.95

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A speaker from the future!

I’m sure you’re sick of being told how outdated your music taste is – well I’m afraid this is only going to add fuel to the fire. This futuristic, portable bluetooth speaker contains 7 water jets that dance in time with the beat! Perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen – but seriously, you’re not allowed to use it until you stop playing Robbie Williams.

9Doodle Designer Accessory Bag, £15.95£15.95

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Stand out with this personalised designer bag

10 year olds are tired of basic bags – they’ve been around for long enough to understand that it’s not easy to stand out. But this unique bag comes with 10 vibrant, washout pens to make sure everyone will be turning their heads on the playground. They can design and re-design the bag again and again, and soon enough you may realise you’ve got a budding designer on your hands – or just an avid doodler.

10Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs, £19.95£19.95

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Bouncing and catching your way through summer!

Need something to revolutionise fun in the garden? These Bounce ‘n’ Catch discs offer hours of inventive, spontaneous entertainment, with their springy centres that can return balls up to 20 metres! Once she starts thinking of games, she won’t stop – so expect to be running up and down the garden with this one. The discs can also be used as frisbees – so if you need to catch your breath, feel free to send her on a bit of a chase.

And if none of those hit the spot, we’ve got plenty more to rummage through over here!

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