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The Best Dinosaur Gifts – For Roarsome Children.

Long ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and despite what Wikipedia tells you about Asteroids and Ice Ages, some seem to have stuck around.  Dinosaurs are very popular with children of all ages. If you are unsure what to buy for dino-loving children, we have some brilliant and unusual ideas which are just dino-mite.

The Dinosaur Magnetibook opens up to create a fun DIY picture book, using the inside lid as the background. This fun set contains 12 information cards each featuring a different dinosaur, 12 dinosaur magnets and 104 letter magnets.

A collection of nine miniature models of prehistoric creatures including the iconic T-Rex.These smart felt covered little dinosaurs stand an average of 5cm tall and, as well as the T-Rex, you’ll find the triceratops, stegosaurus and velociraptor.

Supersoft toddler bath towel  for little Dinosaur fans, as seen on Dragon’s Den. Made of cotton & bamboo fibre, 60% more absorbent than pure cotton, this is incredibly soft and silky to touch. Sensibly big, measuring 85cm from cosy hood to towel and tail end, with two layers to dry hair and keep warmth in.  So cute.

This fantastic projector torch projects amazing images of dinosaurs around your room. View the images on your walls and ceilings including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and more. The torch comes with three slide discs with 24 colour Dinosaur photographs, with images that project up to one metre wide.

This epic 259 piece set includes everything needed to complete eight different dinosaur activities. Have hours of fun hatching your very own baby dinosaur, creating and flying a paper Pterodactyl and unearthing a t-rex skeleton out of fossils. Decorate and wear a pair of foam dinosaur feet (brilliant!) as well as making a t-rex hand puppet out of a paper bag – very scary of course! Comes with printed paper board shapes, glue, crayon, 209 stickers and a 3 page activity booklet full of fun dinosaur facts to learn.

We think these dinosaur presents are T-rexcellent, and guaranteed to make the children smile. Unlike our dinosaur puns, which are pteroble. Saury about that.


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