Dreams & Secrets Lockable Diary


Cute lockable A6 hardback notebook with a candy floss scented pen.

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Cute lockable notebook with a candy floss scented pen.

This slim A6 hardback notebook is decorated with colourful stars and is an excellent place to write about your dreams and secrets! It has over 100 colourful pages inside and is locked with a heart padlock and key. The matching retractable ballpoint pen is scented with the delicious, sweet smell of candyfloss, very yummy. Perfect for drawings, scribbles and magical secrets - so sweet!

Dreams and Secrets Lockable Diary
Candy Floss Scented Pen
Lockable Diary

Why They'll love it

  • Candy floss scented pen
  • Heart shaped padlock and key

Technical Stuff

  • Diary Size: A6
  • Weight: 145g