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Ransom Note Fridge Magnets - Like the movies!


Fridge magnets designed as newspaper clipping letters to make your message heard.

Take leaving notes on the fridge to a whole new level with these 335 ransom note fridge magnets. In a colourful newspaper clipping style, just like in the movies, your message is sure to get noticed. What's your style of ransom...'Once more and the cheese gets it' or 'We are holding your cookies hostage until you buy more milk'? Get your point across the fun way - just don't really kidnap the cat!

Ransom Note Fridge Magnets
Funny Fridge Magnets

Why They'll love it

  • 335 fridge magnet letters
  • Cool newspaper clipping design

Technical Stuff

  • Pack Size: 24cm x 16cm
  • Weight: 155g