Fantastic Optical Illusions - Wow your Eyes!


Deceptive eye-boggling images & brain-twisting visual tricks.

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Let your imagination run wild with this awesome book of 150 brain-twisting illusions.

Be prepared for mind-bending, eye-boggling optical illusions and perplexing puzzles. This A5 colour hardback sends your brain in a spin with the best deceptive illusions types and visual tricks - hidden objects, colour and brightness effects, illusory moving patterns and size misperceptions. Simple explanations reveal the the answer to each visual trickery, but you still won't believe your eyes!

Fantastic Optical Illusions Book
Optical Illusions Book
ISBN 9781787392359

Why They'll love it

  • More than 150 awesome optical illusions
  • Mind-boggling fun!

Technical Stuff

  • Book Size: 18cm x 15cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 400g