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BrainString - Tricky Tangled Brain Teaser!

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Entertaining 8cm cube with a colourful twist - tangle and untangle the strings for a real challenge!

Measuring 8cm, this colourful brainteaser is perfect for any keen puzzler. Slide the coloured buttons along the tracks of the cube's surface, but be careful - each piece is connected to another with a length of elastic! The strings will twist together, creating a knot inside the cube. The challenge is to untangle it without making it worse! Great for on-the-go puzzling and so satisfying to complete - test your brain with this twisty teaser!

Brainstring Original
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Brainstring Original Toy

Why They'll love it

  • Colourful 8cm brainteaser
  • Tangle and untangle the knot!
  • So satisfying to complete

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 7+
  • Box Size: 17cm X 13cm X 13cm
  • Weight: 250g

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