Frequently Asked Questions

What should you buy an 11 year old boy?

11 year old boys love to spend time with friends. Check out our range of fun games they can play with their friends on their birthday, from Beat That! - Battle of Wacky Challenges to Fifty Pranks to Freak your Friends.

How should you celebrate an 11 year old boy's birthday?

An 11 year old boy is on the cusp of adolescence. A great way to celebrate this milestone is by having a paintball/laser/football party. Check out the Smart Ball for a great gift for brilliant fun at the party!

What gifts do 11 year olds like for their birthday?

Keep your 11 year old boy entertained on his birthday with our great gift options for hours of fun. Ranging from Smart Ball, more active games such as the Instant Table Tennis to building sets such as the DIY Hydraulic Cyborg Hand guaranteed to wow a budding engineer.

What are 11 year old boys into?

11 year old boys are very active and spend lots of time playing sports, cycling and playing with their friends. They are likely to have a few favourite hobbies but equally enjoy learning and trying new things.