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Number 1 Poker Pack - Texas Hold 'Em

Out of stock

This pack from Waddingtons contains everything you need to play and learn about poker.

The handy zip-up pouch has one pack of premium playing cards, 160 quality poker chips in four different colours and the all-important rules to Texas Hold 'Em. Any Wicked Uncle has a duty to teach poker to nephews and nieces in a safe environment, before they end up visiting Las Vegas and blowing their student grant. Learning how to bluff with a convincing poker face is an essential life skill!

The Number 1 Poker Pack
Waddingtons Of London Number 1 Texas Hold Em
Texas Hold Em Cards
Travel Poker Set

Why They'll love it

  • Everything you need to play poker
  • 160 gambling chips and poker rules
  • Essential life skill to learn while young

Technical Stuff

  • Age 10+
  • Pack Size: 16cm x 12cm x 8cm
  • Weight: 415g

Older Boys and Girls, 13 - 103

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