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Rainbow Music Bells - Play a Tune

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Set of eight durable metal hand bells in rainbow colours, with a song sheet of nursery rhymes to play.

Explore music and rhythm with this wonderful and colourful set. Standing at 18cm tall, each bright bell is numbered one to eight and plays each note of an octave. Simply follow along with the colour-coded song sheet to play eight fun nursery rhymes and songs, including Old Macdonald, London Bridge and Mary Had a Little Lamb, or compose your own original symphony. A truly wonderful set for creating musical magic - or mayhem!

Rainbow Music Bells
Rainbow Music Bells Box
Numbered Rainbow Music Bells
Childrens Rainbow Music Bells

Why They'll love it

  • Set of eight durable and colourful metal bells
  • Numbered one to eight
  • Handy song sheet with eight nursery rhymes

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 3+
  • Box Size: 26cm x 14cm x 13cm
  • Weight: 980g

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