Construction Endless Pencil - Writes for 20km!


Unbreakable aluminium, writes without sharpening & a ruler too.

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Troika redefines pencil technology with the HB Construction Endless Pencil.

Made of aluminium and metal, this unbreakable 20cm pencil has a six sided barrel featuring a ruler in centimeters and inches. With the permanent and endless HB writing tip good for up to 20 km of written word, this amazing Pencil requires no more sharpening. The HB hardness tip is replaceable, erasable and, like the pencil, unbreakable. Who knew a pencil could be so good - the pencil redefined!

Troika Construction Endless Pencil
Construction Pencil
Construction Endless Multitasking Pencil

Why They'll love it

  • Made of aluminium & metal, unbreakable
  • Writes 20km without sharpening

Technical Stuff

  • Pack Size: 18cm x 6cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 25g
Brilliant service, and yes would definitely buy from them again - Great selection of products - search for suitable presents for boy or girl all age related - fantastic - thank you Wicked Uncle!

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