Meet Stinky Pig!


The Best Game Ever – A Great Gift Idea

stinky pig

While possibly not our most sophisticated present ever, the Stinky Pig game is one of the most fun. Press his tummy to start him singing, then roll the dice to see where to pass him before he farts. It is like a smart version of Pass the Parcel.

He starts singing. When time runs out, he toots. Whoever is holding him takes a token and you start again. Pass him fast, get the fewest tokens, you win. Delightfully unsophisticated and massively popular.

Officially he is for ages 6+, but we suspect you don’t have to be quite so old to get the point. He costs £10.00 and is our most popular game ever. Nobody ever made a mistake underestimating the taste of the average 6 year old….

Happy Passing the Parcel,

The Wicked Uncle Not Very Sophisticated Team

Ps And now for some pig jokes:

Why did the pig wear yellow coveralls? He split a seam in his blue ones.

What do you call a pig with three eyes? Piiig!

One day a little pig walked into a bar. He asked the bartender for a beer, and after drinking it he asked where the toilet was. The bartender told him where it was and off walked the pig. Then another little pig walked in and he also asked the bartender for a beer. After drinking it, he too asked where the toilet was. Once again the bartender gave him directions and off walked the pig.

Then yet another little pig walked into the bar and asked for a beer, which he drank. Then the bartender asked him, “Don’t you want to know where the toilet is?”The pig replied, “No, I’m the little pig that went wee wee wee all the way home”.

I was reading a book on pig anatomy the other day. It was all pretty standard until I got to the end. Then there was a twist in the tale.



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