The Best Toys For 7 Year Old Girls in 2020


7 year old girls are one of the most gruelling customers on the market – they’re getting taller, they’re getting smarter, and the classroom is giving them the confidence to put unsuspecting parents in their place! The Wicked Uncle Elves are here to help and have hand picked these unique toys which scored highest with our testing panel of 7 year old girls.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Glow Art Drawing Board
  2. Hide & Seek Rock Painting
  3. Friendship Charm Bracelet Kit
  4. Wooden Stringing Beads
  5. Felt Puppies – Creative Sewing Kit
  6. Be Flamazing – Six Odd Socks
  7. 5 Second Rule Jr.
  8. Unicorn Magic Colouring Set
  9. Harmonica Set
  10. Suspend

1Glow Art Drawing Board , £25.95£25.95

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Make your art shine!

Creative 7 year old girls love displaying their masterpieces. Armed with fluorescent pens and the boundless imagination of a growing child, she might just leave you mesmerised when the LED frame is switched on. The transparent screen can easily be wiped clean with a dry cloth – so when the kids have gone to bed, you can have a go at seeing if your art skills have advanced as much as your age!

2Hide & Seek Rock Painting, £14.95£14.95

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An artsy twist on an old classic…

What do 7-year-olds love? Hide & seek! But can you be bothered to actually go and hide? Probably not. In that case, this gift revamps hide & seek in all the right ways – creative minds are let loose to paint up to 6 smooth river stones, aided by the provided paint pots and a 48-page book that offers tips and inspiration. This gift might just be a straight path to the National Gallery! Rock painting is more than a way to while away an afternoon, it’s become a global phenomenon that any creative 7 year old would love to join!

3Friendship Charm Bracelet , £14.95£14.95

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A crafty way to seal the best friendships!

You can’t put a price on friendship – but you can put a price on making friends look stylish. With 7 year olds becoming increasingly sociable at school, this is an artsy, engaging present to complement her expanding social life! The high-quality beads, silver-plated charms, and pretty cords are stylish, and the chic box can serve as fun and frosty bedroom decor. It’s not Pandora, it’s better – budding jewellers get to make it themselves, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

4Wooden Stringing Beads, £15.95£15.95

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Let her be proud of her name!

This present is stacked with 240 wooden beads to let future fashion designers create personalised necklaces or bracelets – there are colourful beads to make the design pretty, and lettered beads to make a statement. This can be the gift that keeps on giving, as she can even make extra necklaces or bracelets to give to friends. Spread the word!

5Felt Puppies – Creative Sewing Kit , £11.95£11.95

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Soft pets, without all the maintenance.

Puppies are joyous, soft, and adorable – and also quite expensive. So avoid the dog food bill and “accidents” around the house, and get this cute and crafty kit instead! With this present, potential puppy parents can learn to sew a felt Dachshund, Terrier, and Scottie, all made out of lovely 100% cotton fabric. One becomes a keyring, and the other two brooches, so you don’t even need to worry about walking them.

6Be Flamazing – Six Odd Socks, £12.99£12.99

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Time to stand-out on the playground.

As a 7 year old girl growing up in a world full of (metaphorical) identical sheep, she may just want to be the unique flamingo. This gift offers six busy and colourful flamingo socks, meaning it provides 15 distinct, stand-out combinations that any snazzy 7 year old would love to parade on their morning walk to school! You know what they say (probably) – fashion on the brain, flamingos on the feet.

75 Second Rule Jr. , £14.95£14.95

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A speedy game that you would probably definitely lose at.

Think you’re a well-read adult primed for victory? Well think again, because this is game where kids rule. “5 Second Rule Jr.” rewards speed and impulse: you name three items (like flavours of ice cream!) in under 5 seconds. A fitting gift for any young girl who’s eager to prove that sometimes her parents overthink things too much. It comes with a total of 400 cards and lots of replay value, so you better get used to shouting out something ludicrous before the timer runs out!

8Unicorn Magic Colouring Set, £14.95£14.95

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Let her escape into a more magical world!

Everyone needs a bit of escapism. For some, it might be that expensive bottle of red you never got round to opening. But for a far more imaginative young girl? Stick her in front of this dreamy 48-page unicorn colouring book, and her mind will be lost in a world of felt-tip pens and vibrant stickers. The compact storage box means she can take it anywhere – on her next road-trip she’ll be seeing unicorns out of the window! 

9Harmonica Set, £10.95£10.95

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She’ll be better than Bob Dylan by the end of the month.

She may only be seven, but it’s never too early to start practising her Grammy acceptance speech. The path to musical fortune and fame begins with this harmonica! Accompanied by a clear step-by-step instruction book and coloured stickers for different notes, this present is the perfect first instrument. It even comes with a nifty carry case so she can impress anyone, anywhere, on the go. One minute she’ll be playing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in the playground, and the next minute she’ll be signing that record deal.

10Suspend, £16.95£16.95

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Test her concentration – and remind yourself how bad yours is.

It’s an age-old question: who has steadier hands, the young or the elderly? Once you’ve recovered from being referred to as ‘the elderly’, go ahead and get a 7 year old hooked on this addictive family game that requires you to carefully stack rods without making the frame collapse. It’s a brilliant way to test concentration, coordination, and patience. The game might end in tears of frustration – but they’re unlikely to come from the kids!

We rate our picks quite highly, but there’s lots more presents for 7 year old girls over here!

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