Hydraulic Cyborg Hand - DIY Kit


Awesome 203-piece kit - build a cool & functional 40cm cyborg hand.

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Build your own water powered, wearable hand - no batteries required!

Explore hydraulic power and engineering with this innovative robot hand. The clearly illustrated instructions show you how to assemble the 203 pieces, allowing you to take a closer look at how hydraulic power works. Measuring 40cm from wrist to fingertip, the final product can be worn over your own hand and is fully adjustable for left or right-handed wearers. Have fun using the hydraulic system to give a thumbs up, pick up small objects or shake hands with your friends. An advanced build perfect for any budding engineer - hands-on!

Build your Own Hydraulic Cyborg Hand
Build a Hydraulic Cyborg Hand
Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Kit

Why They'll love it

  • Get hands-on with engineering
  • Clearly illustrated instructions
  • Fully wearable and adjustable

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 10+
  • Box Size: 40cm X 30cm X 11cm
  • Weight: 985g
A great service. Fast delivery, the present was very well received, they also loved the wrapping paper. I would happily use them again. Thank you. : )

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