Top Mind Blowing Gifts for Tween Boys in 2023


Tween boys can be a challenge to buy for only because they know what’s cool… and what’s not! Luckily we test all our products before they go on the website and have a pretty good idea of what boys aged 9 to 12 might enjoy. Like a football that lights up and counts keepy uppy’s to a boomerang that returns every time and a flying silicone disc you can squish in your hand.

Top Presents for Tween Boys:

  1. Smart Ball – counts keepy uppy’s!
  2. Hydraulic Cyborg Hand – build kit
  3. Sonic Booma Boomerang – returns every time!
  4. Xplode Reaxion Stunt Domino Set
  5. Perpetual Marble Run
  6. Fun Tape Measure – filled with silly facts
  7. Upside Down Challenge
  8. Interactive Glow T-Shirt
  9. Waboba Wingman
  10. 12-in-1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit
  11. Lights from Anywhere
  12. Flip Clock
  13. Fifty Greatest Card Tricks
  14. Tetris – Handheld Game with Original Sounds
  15. Zzzopa Spinning Football

1 Smart Ball ,  £24.99 £24.99

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Have a ball!

Smart Ball is one of the best gifts for tween boys who love football and other sports! This best-selling football contains a built-in speaker that calls out your Keepy Uppy score–all the way to 100. It also glows, lighting up with every touch or kick. Fancy a normal game of footie? Just remove the sensor and screw the bung to the ball. Great for solo practising in the back garden or playing in the park with friends!

2 Hydraulic Cyborg Hand – Build Kit ,  £36.99 £36.99

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Build a cool & functional 40cm cyborg hand

Explore engineering with this innovative 40cm robot hand that uses hydraulic power to simulate the movements of the human hand. The 40-page full-colour manual shows you how to assemble the 203 pieces, allowing you to learn how hydraulic power works, with piston tubes filled with water. Worn over your hand, the lightweight, 4-fingered Cyborg Hand is easily manipulated to grip objects, fitting both right-handed and left-handed users. Have fun challenging yourself to pick up and use a variety of items like bottles, pencils and small items or even shake hands with your friends! An advanced build perfect for any budding engineer – hands-on!

3 Sonic Booma Boomerang – Returns Every Time! ,  £14.99 £14.99

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Awesome boomerang with whistling wings & 20m flight range

With an impressive flight range of 15-20 meters, this cool boomerang mesmerizes passers-by as it whizzes through the air. The high-tech tri-blade design offers a stable and accurate return flight – every single time! It even has whistling wings so you can listen to it as it soars. Using the throwing instructions on the back of the pack to guide you, you’ll be a Booma master in no time! Endless fun, again and again!

4 Xplode Reaxion – Stunt Domino Set ,  £29.99 £29.99

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Create crazy domino tracks & models that collapse, spin & pop!

This brilliant 230-piece kit is an innovative building system with the excitement of falling dominoes! Use the interlocking pieces and links to build vehicles, skyscrapers and more, or stack them up to create fascinating chain reactions. The set includes mind-blowing elements like boxes with popping lids and two high-speed spinning tops! Build the ultimate domino track, then watch as it all collapses in the most exciting way possible. Totally cool!

5 Perpetual Marble Run ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Gift of the Year 2019

Most tweens love a challenge, and this toy delivers! Follow the instructions to assemble the laser-cut sheets, add the electric motor, and 1-2 hours later, the run will be ready! Best of all, this cool contraption uses perpetual motion. The marbles ride the lift to the top, roll down the spiral, and bounce along the zig-zag track before starting all over again. Mesmerising, satisfying, and remarkably fun!

6 Fun Tape Measure – Filled with Silly Facts ,  £7.99 £7.99

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Shows the size of the largest diamond to how high a pig can jump!

This entertaining double-sided tape measure includes both centimetres and inches, as well as sixty incredible scientific facts. Find out how big your things are compared to everything else – have you ever wondered whether the Mona Lisa would fit on your wall, how big an Oscar is or how high a pig can jump? Did you know that a snail can travel 39 inches in one hour? With a handy auto-locking mechanism, this is a fascinating gift for inquisitive minds – made to measure fun!

7 The Upside Down Challenge – Very Funny! ,  £24.99 £24.99

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Hilarious challenges wearing goggles that turn everything upside down!

You’ll be amazed how difficult even the simplest tasks become when you put on these special goggles, with an adjustable strap. With your vision flipped upside down, compete to do the 100 ‘easy’ drawing and activity challenges, like putting a top on a pen, giving a high five or even just writing your name! And when you try ‘simply’ pouring water from one bottle into another, things are going to get very messy and very funny! Sure to get you and your friends laughing out loud, absolutely brilliant!

8 Interactive Glow T-shirt ,  £16.95 £16.95

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Dress Smart!

Tween boys will have endless fun with this glow-in-the-dark, 100% cotton T-shirt. Just use the UV keyring to draw or write on the canvas panel on the front of the shirt. But be quick — each design only lasts five minutes before fading away. Time for the next one! A brilliant gift for artists, designers, night owls and boys who like to stand out from the crowd!

9 Waboba Wingman ,  £7.99 £7.99

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High-flying adventure

Love playing with flying discs but hate the way they hurt your hand when you catch them? Sporty boys will understand the struggle! Fortunately, the Waboba Wingman is soft, pliable and painless to catch. It’s also foldable, so it fits perfectly into tween’s backpacks or pockets! Its aerodynamic design means it stays on course and flies up to 40 metres away. Cool and convenient outdoor fun!

10 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit ,  £29.99 £29.99

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Sun, water, robots…?

Tween engineers will have a blast using the 230 pieces in this awesome set to build 12 different mechanical models of animals and machines! There’s a crocodile, an ostrich, a digging excavator, and more! Each model performs a unique mechanical movement. Coolest of all, this kit is eco-friendly and battery-free – everything is totally powered by nature!

11 Lights From Everywhere ,  £16.99 £16.99

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Impressive and illuminating

Many tween boys love magic, and this special light will make a great addition to any budding magician’s collection! Create and control the light between your fingertips, making it do baffling tricks, appearing or disappearing it at will. Make a mysterious red light appear and then jump from hand to hand. Make it go in one ear and out the other, or even from your mouth! This amazing illusion is perfect for those who don’t want to learn sleight of hand tricks. Astounding!

12 Flip Clock – Four Cool Functions ,  £12.99 £12.99

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With alarm, timer, calendar & more – smart!

Perfect for lazybones and sleepy-heads, this brilliant digital alarm clock is so simple to use. Just flip it one of four ways to access all of its functions – an alarm clock, a calendar, a thermometer and a timer too. The easy-set alarm has a cool digital beeping sound as well as an adjustable 24/48 hour display. With a fun multicolour backlight, this 7cm alarm clock is an excellent addition to any bedside table. Fun meets functionality – it’s about time!

13 Fifty Greatest Card Tricks ,  £16.99 £16.99

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The coolest card tricks ever

Everyone loves a magic show, and this set of 50 seriously baffling card tricks will enable tweens to amaze their family and friends in no time at all. Use the hardback book of secret instructions and the special magic props to master a wide range of genuinely clever card tricks. Roll up, roll up, and enjoy the show!

14 Tetris – Handheld Game with Original Sounds ,  £19.99 £19.99

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Portable 9cm version of the famous arcade game

Measuring 9cm x 7cm, this pocket-sized version of the classic arcade game has the original sounds and game play, with LCD screen and 3-directional controls. Layer the falling blocks of different shapes to fill the lines and clear them. Tetris has two levels, Marathon and Sprint, complete 15 levels in Marathon or clear 25 lines as quickly as possible in the Sprint challenge – iconic gaming fun!

10 Zzzopa Spinning Football – Bounce it, Spin It, Fidget! ,  £9.99 £9.99

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Bounce it, Spin It, Fidget!

Each Zzzopa contains a high-quality bearing that sits on an axle within the centre of the 5cm ball. This means you can smoothly spin this fun footie-themed version using your fingertips with speed, a spherical fidget spinner that’s perfect for restless hands! The outer poly-active surface allows for incredible crisp bounces, combine with different spins to bamboozle your friends with crazy tricks, spinning jumps and ricochets. The ultimate ball game of spin, bounce and throw – Kick Off with this new fidgety craze!

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