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A christening is a special occasion in a child’s life and it can be a great honour to be invited to witness or participate in the event. Of course, the invitation also comes with a big question: what to get for a christening gift! Wicked Uncle are experts in gift-giving, so we’ve compiled a list of simple, sentimental gift ideas, as well as everything you need to know about what happens at a christening. Here’s our helpful guide to the big day and what to take to the event!

Our Helpful Guide to Christening Gifts:

  1. What happens at a christening?
  2. How much should you spend on a christening gift?
  3. Christening gift ideas

1. What happens at a christening?

A christening is a religious ceremony in which the child’s parents and grandparents vow to bring up the child as a Christian. This is also where the baby’s proper name is ‘confirmed’ (though legally, this is done at the hospital or register office). The name tradition is why you sometimes hear people refer to a person’s first name as their ‘Christian name’.

In the Church of England, a christening is normally part of the regular Sunday service. This means that it is witnessed by the whole congregation. In the Catholic Church, christenings are usually held as completely separate services. Either way, during the ceremony, the church leader sprinkles the baby with holy water (performing a baptism), and the parents and godparents vow to bring up the child in the Christian faith.

It’s worth noting that some people also hold secular celebrations, such as a thanksgiving, blessing or baby-naming ceremony. However, the purpose of the event remains the same: to celebrate the beginning of the child’s life.

Usually, parents hold a christening within a child’s first year. However, some parents wait until the child is older.

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2. How much should you spend on a christening gift?

As a rule of thumb, most people spend the same amount on a christening gift as they would on a birthday gift, which typically falls in the range of £10 to £50. Within this range, what you choose to spend normally depends on how close you are to the child and their parents. Grandparents and godparents might choose to spend on the higher end, while friends and more distant relatives might opt for something on the lower end.

However, many parents don’t expect guests to provide any gifts at a christening, as the focus of the event is confirming the child’s spiritual or religious path. Most of the time, a simple card containing a thoughtful message would be a suitable alternative to a gift.

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3. Christening gift ideas:

Anything you might buy for a birthday – Just as you can use ‘birthday present’ cost as a guide for how much you might spend, you can also simply buy a child an item similar to what you might buy them on their birthday. We have a wide range of gifts for baby girls or baby boys. It’s also worth noting that christening gifts do not have to be religious in nature. For instance, soft toys make brilliant gifts for both birthdays and christenings.

Jewellery – When most people think of christening gifts, they think of jewellery, and in particular, silver. It’s traditional for godparents to give a silver (or sometimes gold) item, often personalised with the child’s name and date of birth. Most jewellers carry christening-specific pieces, or you can do a search online to find unique and customisable pieces. Some popular religious choices include a St. Christopher’s medallion, a name bracelet, a charm bracelet or a charm of a cross. Non-religious favourites include a letter necklace or a piece of jewellery containing the child’s name that they can wear when they get older.

A ‘Wisdom’ Book – This one takes a bit of planning, but it can make a wonderful gift that the child and their parents will appreciate for years to come. Because a child’s christening is all about setting them on a good path for their life, a book of wisdom can make a gorgeous keepsake gift, especially from godparents. Buy a high-quality journal and then fill it with all of your very best life advice, stories and words of wisdom. Brilliant!

A Children’s Bible – If the family is holding a religious ceremony, an illustrated children’s Bible makes a brilliant gift. Be sure to include an inscription/dedication on the inside cover or first page to mark the special occasion!

A Charity Gift – Charity gifts are an unusual but lovely gift idea to mark a child’s christening! There are many options available here. For instance, you could choose a conservation gift tree, where a conservation group plants a tree somewhere on your behalf. Or you might decide upon an adopt-an-animal scheme, where a charity or animal sanctuary supports an animal on your behalf. These services can be found online and usually provide a keepsake certificate, which you can present to the parents as a gift on the big day.

A First Tooth Box – First tooth boxes make lovely gifts for christenings. Parents can hold onto them for a few years, until their baby grows into a full-fledged child and loses his or her first tooth! This is a sweet way to mark the passage of time, and as with jewellery, you can even have the box inscribed with the child’s name and date of birth.

A Photo Frame – A photo frame, particularly one in a silver tone or specifically designed to mark a christening, can also make a lovely gift. Parents can use the frame to display a photo of the christening and hang it in the house as a way to remember the special day!

For more brilliant gift ideas for a christening, check out what’s popular on our website!

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